The trustee WARSAW

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The trustee WARSAW


Capital-Consulting Sp. o.o.

Al. 3 Maja 2 lok. 66

00-391 Warszawa

tel. 0 501 196 196
fax. (022) 613 55 33


Elizabeth Kosewska

tel. 0501 193 193

 The trustee is a person of public trust as a lawyer, a legal adviser.

The trustee can be a great advisor, consultant for the entrepreneur long before the loss of liquidity in order to save the property and names.

During the bankruptcy trustee has much broader responsibilities than the current Board of Directors. Its task is sanitation companies in the new bankruptcy and reorganization making according to their experience, skills and ambitions under the control of the judge-commissioner.

Wrong are concerns about the effects of the trustee for the creditors and for the owners. Often, that they have specific permissions can handle the tasks of the board and put the company out of crisis. It also happens that in the case of unprofitable business entrepreneur debtor closes it, and the property sells, even covering the entire debt creditors.

It should be assumed that the receiver with his experience should become an advisor to entrepreneurs in the difficult period when he does not have sufficient liquidity.

The trustee is therefore counselor, supporting management, managing to recover the financial soundness of the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur can consult with the receiver, the analysis of the aim to restructure the company even before making a bankruptcy petition to the court.


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