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Representation in Warsaw

Al. 214 Independence lok.2
00-608 Warsaw
Tel. (22) 188 51 46
Tel. com. 603 194 555
Fax. (22) 188 51 47
Representation UNIQA Insurance Company and UNIQA Life Insurance Company SA Warsaw has been operating since March 2012. It is a modern facility exclusive UNIQA, based on the best European standards. It is representative of the brand UNIQA having a complete range of insurance. The team of the Representation has been for many years associated with the insurance market. During this time he gained knowledge and experience to professional customer service.
We offer high quality services in the field of complex insurance service, tailored to individual needs and specifics of our clients.
We prepare proposals for protection under property insurance, communications, financial, civil liability, life, etc.

By using our knowledge and experience you have always sure to make a good choice partner in the insurance field.

The package is addressed to Housing Associations, Societies Building Societies Military Housing Agency and other stakeholders in the housing resource managers.

What can be insured:

    reported assets owned insurance MS,
    assets situated in possession of MS on the basis of legal title and remaining in connection with its operations,
    personal property of employees,

In addition (as clauses)
The insurance against fire and other random events:

    Minor refurbishment works
    machinery and equipment from mechanical damage (liability for damage caused by human activity, manufacturing defects, causes consumables)

The insurance burglary and robbery:


The TPL insurance:

    flooding and surges,
    OC employer
    Liability for damage to property used,
    Liability for damage caused by subcontractors,
    OC indemnity guarded parking,
    Civil liability for damage resulting from non-performance or improper performance of obligations

In the insurance of electronic equipment:

    insurance portable electronic equipment,
    insurance of electronic equipment mounted on vehicles


    Specialized package tailored to your needs
    Two basic security features to protect the entity against the most common accidents (fire, theft),
    The individual selection of insurance by the Client,
    A wide range of risks in individual insurance,
    Low price through a combination of multiple insurance in one package
    Special discount system.
    Minimum formalities – maximum protection (one policy and one application for all insurance)
    comprehensive protection of property,
    The experience and knowledge that comes from many years of cooperation with housing associations

Community Housing
Insurance package for owners of apartment houses, directed min .: for housing communities and for individuals who are owners or co-owners of apartment houses

Property insurance against fire and other perils offers a wide range of insurance, including the risk of flooding. Its main advantages are:

    building disaster protection to the full sum insured, and not only to a certain limit
    Insurance frost cracking cables and pipelines outside the building
    the possibility of extending the protection of additional clauses covering, among others, acts of terrorism, the risk of vandalism, minor renovations or insurance of machines and devices from electrical and mechanical damage

Insurance windows

Our package can be preserved intact windows and other glass objects mounted in the common property apartment houses. Such insurance protects them from cracks, breakage or rupture.

Third Party insurance

The package includes insurance of civil liability in respect of ownership of the property
and real estate management.
You can expand the scope of insurance with additional clauses:

    Liability for damage caused by flooding and surges,
    Liability for damage caused by subcontractors,
    Liability for damage to common property,
    Liability for damages caused by exploration failure.

Protection can extend to the damage caused in premises belonging to the dwelling

Members of the Management liability insurance

The product also includes insurance of civil liability of board members. If, in connection with the performance of its functions unintentionally inflict harm residential community – you can count on compensation.


    Specialized package tailored to your needs
    The individual selection of insurance by the Client, a wide range of risks in individual insurance,
    Low price through a combination of multiple insurance in one package
    Special discount system.
    Comprehensive protection of property on one policy,
    Simplified procedure for accession to insurance,
    Experience and knowledge flowing from the long history of cooperation with housing.

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