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Unusual siblings
Colourful pavement „Bajkowieści” is a series of fairy tales written today, but referring in its form to the traditional style of writing fairy tales. Teach children simple rules to distinguish good from evil, develop their imagination and sensitivity. The texts, talking about friendship, love and trust are devoid of violence. Were written simple, communicative language. Artistic illustrations discrete places, are designed to stimulate the imagination, leaving the field to establish itself by the reader’s own imagination fairytale world.

The book is recommended for children from the age of four. Recommend a set of mind of parents who like to read to their children. After you book ahead can reach children who can already read or adults who love fairy tales. Ebooks are available in shops and Apple Store.
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Tom entitled „Unusual siblings” contains tales of Silver the star, which landed in the forest and there was great friends, describes the adventures of Forest Skrzata who wanted to live in the Land of the Underground until I discovered how beautiful the forest in which he lives. We will learn about the fate of the kingdom also attacked by evil dragons adventures of three fish, who understood the importance of friendship, and the title story tells us how strong is the bond between siblings. @ TALES FOR CHILDREN

„Colourful pavement” consists of five fairy tales. The first one, the title says that hope helps to leave a man of the most difficult predicament. Fable called „The Singing Pear” shows the power of rumors and teaches you how to deal with it. „Mountain Wind” is a romantic fairytale love story, and another about pyszałkowatym sunflower, describes what true friendship. „Wicked Prince” is a warning against too hasty assessment of the world around us. @ TALESDLADZIECI

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