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I can advise you to give it a lot because I swim and swim like one instead of sailing mainly read books, but has very little chance of saving anyone. At every opportunity left to play for fun swimming removal of water thrown on both fenders and sails on the engine and the best of everything at the same time, becoming the drift, 1-bed at the same time handling the sails, motor and rudder, calling for help. Only once fell out of my man. Pretty soon I was able to pull it out, but it lasted less than 2 minutes. For me it was an eternity. I only swim between 10 and 20 weeks a year, and almost every cruise shows how to do it. My friend pulled out of the water while the 2-ch dead people who came out before someone else. I do not wish anyone such sailing adventures. @ Cruises First of all, you need not practical classes and stories of the wise and philosophy books. Swimming and left to play, hopefully you’ve never had in handy. @ CRUISES


@ Cruises @ cruises

For the sailor is maybe a little silly question, but it is worth recalling that beginners, who stands at the helm is not always well-instructed how should behave in such a situation. My recommendations are as follows.


Try to keep the set course all the time, making sure that we have the depth of the yacht. Often, with a depth range announce that we have on the road. This significantly simplifies the helmsman noted yaw. Moreover, strictly observe the sea around the boat and what happens on the board and how to behave sail or motor. After seas drift dangerous objects, we often encounter poorly marked nets, which is very easy to invade. Any doubts please tell the captain. In other words, the talk at the helm of politics, gossiping, playing with electronic map, etc, do not go hand in hand with the necessary precautions, which is a good observation ambient control. Very often it is the person is at the helm of the first notes the danger, not to mention the dolphins and whales. Observation of the sea is not only a big responsibility, but, in my opinion, is also a big satisfaction.


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