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Przedstawicielstwo w Warszawie

Al. Niepodległości 214 lok.2
00-608 Warszawa
Tel. (22) 188 51 46
603 194 555
Fax. (22) 188 51 47

insurance community

uniqa Warsaw

http://youtu.be/PS4SxT74H0M Check out our comprehensive medical care for you and your loved ones.

After the re-registration of a vehicle insurance policy report received from the seller to one of our branches. Free rewrite the insurance for you. Will be valid for the same dates When it approached the end of the insurance period will remind you of the need to resume. If you have not been to our client would be useful if the course a certificate of insurance from the previous insurer.


uniqa Warsaw

We offer high quality services in the field of complex insurance service, tailored to individual needs and specifics of our customers. UBEZPIECZENIE WARSAW CENTER APARTMENTS @ uniqawarszawa
Prepare proposals for protection under the property insurance, communications, financial, civil liability, life, etc.

Using our knowledge and experience you have always sure to make a good choice of a partner in the insurance field.

UBEZPIECZENIA Warszawa Centrum

The specified product is aimed at:
http://youtu.be/ZxcLSfFweSU private individuals, Owners’ premises or residential buildings uĹźytkujÄ people … Smokers premises under another contract, I want … Smokers covered … ‡ protection of … Insurance … have own … teak. @ [Link = http: //warszawa9.uniqa.pl/! /uniqa_warszawa.html] HEALTHzawaUBEZAuniqa WARSAW [/ link]
The subject of insurance under the product Home Plus – PACKAGE_FILE may be insured ‡:
http://youtu.be/lFp4ooXTNZM dwelling and business premises liability> Ä ‡ in Ĺźyciu private civilUB

uniqa warszawa

Representation in Warsaw Al. 214 Independence lok.2
00-608 Warsaw Tel. (22) 188 51 46
Tel. com. 603 194 555
Fax. (22) 188 51 47


Representation UNIQA Insurance Company and UNIQA Life Insurance Company SA Warsaw has been operating since March 2012. It is a modern facility exclusive UNIQA, based on the best European models. UNIQA is a representative of the brand having a complete range of insurance. Representation staff team for many years associated with the insurance market. During this time he gained knowledge and experience to professional customer service. @ INSURANCE OF INDEPENDENCE WARSAW @ uniqa warszawa

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