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At the beginning explain that SEO is nothing but advertising your hand, according to the principle of Google, the quality of the text on the page is proportional to the number of texts it is claiming. Below, a list of points of exchange activities performed during positioning page.

    Site optimization or SEO (correct html tags)
    constant monitoring of positions in Google and Bing, in selected countries
    constant monitoring of PageRank
    Hand writing promotional articles on your web page
    conduct marketing activities around the Internet or SEM
    run advertising on social networking sites
    All operations are carried out manually
    not provide any dynamic links
    not provide any link farms or reciprocal linking
    not conduct any activities dangerous to the party

Positioning of each page priced individually and price discrepancies can be very large. We can only say that one of the main factors is the number of all pages that are search engine under specified by the client, the keyword. The more you work, the more results the positioning of your hand.

Not all the information we can share with you on this page.

Please contact us if your interested in our offer.


Example report positioning

Page rank on Google

How to start positioning your website?

    you require the very best offer positioning your site
    first specify the most important keywords of your business
    whether these keywords are on your side properly display?
    Refer to the search results of your search keywords
    if your site is among those results?
    if so, at what position?
    if this position is sometimes changed or is fixed?
    While search engine found on all sides of the world with your keywords?
    or in the search results you see your most important competition in your area?
    do you know if your competition positions your website?
    Do you know now what should you do?
    you should urgently contact us and write us what you have selected, we will send you the best offer positioning your site

Care for web pages

We will look at your web pages

    we’ll make sure that your website is always current
    we will stromny optimization for search on Google to make it easier to position the page under the keywords you’ve chosen
    You secured the site against hacker intrusions
    we will make all updates on the
    will ensure that the individual pages have appropriate titles and keywords and content, is a very important part of SEO optimization
    unowocześnimy your website by adding eg a mailing list. sending SMS or other smart appreciated by the users actions

Contact us, ask about such an offer.

Terms positioning

Our terms of positioning:

    accurate to describe us when and who recently pozycjonował page, we need to predict outcomes and plan our actions accordingly
    all even the smallest work on must be agreed in advance with us, even the slightest change can cause a drop side
    site will need to lead by. our recommendations, prepare for each side separately
    absolutely no one and nowhere, can not, put any of links to the Positioning page, and order any ads that could cause a sudden their appearance on the network (we all see how many links a day arrived in May, and what value, etc.)
    accept at the moment, only proposals for minimum annual work

It is possible to receive guarantees a 100% refund of fees in case of failure of positioning, but only if the party, along with all of its domains, will be transferred to our server before starting positioning. W / in points must also be met.

If you have any questions, we are here to answer.

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